Amity Insurance Newsletter – Jan 27, 2014

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Insurance Rates May Triple For People Convicted Of DUIs
In most states, people who are convicted of DUIs face higher insurance rates. Their rates are likely to rise for about three years, and they are required to obtain an SR-22 form. This is a form that proves a person is carrying adequate insurance. Under the SR-22 laws, insurers are required to let the licensing agency know if a policy lapses, is canceled or is terminated. To regain a driver's license, a person will have to show the Department of Motor Vehicles the SR-22 form. Driving privileges are suspended for at least 30 days or as much as one year after the first drunk driving offense. Depending on state laws, any additional offenses will vary but carry longer suspensions and harsher penalties... More >>

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes During the Winter
Every winter, about 250,000 people find themselves with messes from pipes that freeze and burst. In addition to erupting and filling a room with water, a burst pipe can also cost a person thousands of dollars in damages. Carpet, photos, furniture and other belongings can be damaged to the point they need to be replaced. A crack measuring only three millimeters can spew as much as 250 gallons of water into a person's home in just one day. Whether a person has plastic PVC or copper pipes, they are not immune to ruptures and bursts... More >>

Protection Against Data Breaches
Just prior to the Christmas holiday in 2013, the prominent retail chain Target announced that it had been the target of a massive hack of its credit card processing systems. The breach compromised as many as 40 million credit card numbers. Law enforcement authorities and Target's own investigators confirmed that stolen card numbers were coming up for sale on Internet sites catering to identity thieves at anywhere from $20 to $100 per card... More >>

Why it is Important to Review Business Insurance Annually
The majority of new business owners are mostly concerned about everything being favorable for the safety and success of their businesses, which means they must obtain the necessary business insurance. However, complacency can result from success and longevity. For example, if a person started a business 10 years ago with only a small workspace but has an office with multiple workers now, they may still have the same insurance policy they purchased when the business first started. If this is the case, it would be insufficient... More >>