Amity Insurance Newsletter — September 15, 2015

Got Kids in College? Better Get Insurance.
Used to be kids showed up to their college dorms with not much more than the clothes on their backs and a couple of suitcases. Maybe they brought a small stereo. A generation ago, laptops were nearly unheard of in college dorms. Obviously, those days are over. Today's college students rely on a small arsenal of laptops, tablets, smart phones and other valuable electronic devices - without which they would have a tough time functioning and completing their schooling. These days, access to a laptop computer isn't just a luxury for students - it's a must...Read More>>

Do You Have Insurance When You Use Someone Else's Car?
Joel is an attorney living in Manhattan. He relies on public transportation to get around the city and occasionally rents a car, so he does not own one. When he goes back home for a visit, he will sometimes borrow one of his parents' cars to go out or visit friends. He certainly does not plan on having a car accident when he's driving, so the question of who will pay if one happens is far from his mind...More>>

Understanding Seasonal Influenza and Vaccination Recommendations
If it is not treated properly or quickly, influenza is serious enough to cause death or extended hospitalization. Since flu seasons are different every year, it is important to understand how different strains affect different people. Even people who are otherwise healthy may contract the flu and spread it to others. Flu-related deaths are more likely in people over the age of 65. Between 80 percent and 90 percent of flu-related deaths occur in this age group. Flu viruses may circulate any time during the year. It is important to be vaccinated for optimal protection. There are shots and nasal sprays for this purpose...More>>

To Bolster Employee Loyalty, Educate Them!
A recent Harris Interactive Study, commissioned by prominent disability insurance carrier Unum, found that employees who receive frequent and thorough education on their available benefits are also more likely to view their employer positively, and to feel that their employer values them. The survey establishes a positive correlation between employees understanding of their benefits and productivity...More>>