Amity Insurance Newsletter – October 20, 2014

Study: Most Families Dangerously Low on Life Insurance
Are you and your family dangerously exposed to the risk of an untimely death? The loss of a breadwinner and even the loss of a stay-at-home spouse can create an immediate and significant hardship for those families affected. According to a recent study from the Life Insurance Research and Marketing Association (LIMRA), the majority of 'middle market' families surveyed reported that they...More>>

Are Brand Name And Generic Drugs Different?
Nearly 70 percent of American households include one or more pets. Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that nearly 4.5 million people suffer from dog bites every year...More>>

More Employers are Offering Pet Insurance as a Voluntary Benefit
Nearly 80 percent of prescriptions used by Americans are generic drugs. During the next several years, the use of generic prescription drugs is expected to increase even more. This is partially due to several popular drugs being scheduled to lose their patents. The following are some facts about generic drugs...More>>

Safety Tips For Thanksgiving Travels and Cooking
As Thanksgiving approaches, millions of Americans will be traveling to spend the holiday with friends or family members. Leaving a home empty is a good way to attract burglars. By following a few simple travel and safety tips, everyone can ensure their homes will be left safe enough burglars will not feel enticed to enter. The following are some crucial steps to take...More>>