Amity Insurance Newsletter — October 1, 2015

Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance is Something Many Companies Lack but Truly Need
One of the last things most employers think about or would want to think about is having an employee kidnapped or held for ransom. However, this does happen more often than most employers think it happens. The dangerous modern world brings plenty of risks for employees of businesses, and this is especially true of companies that send their employees traveling abroad. Extortion and kidnapping are not uncommon in foreign countries. The perpetrators use key employees of companies as bargaining chips to make money or other unscrupulous deals. In addition to causing personal trauma for the employee, kidnapping can result in great financial losses, interruption of business and negative publicity...Read More>>

Safety and Health Tips for Halloween and Harvest Day Celebrations
Harvest Day and Halloween celebrations are fun for children who enjoy wearing costumes and eating treats. The Centers for Disease Control encourages adults to plan parties with healthy snacks and to pass out healthy treats to kids on Halloween. The CDC also emphasizes the importance of safety during these Autumn celebrations...More>>

Ways to Stay Safer this Thanksgiving
As Thanksgiving approaches each fall, Americans across the United States start preparing for one of the biggest feasts of the year. Thanksgiving has been a time where friends and family come together to enjoy good food and the company of one another for many decades. However, it is important to protect this special time by remembering to put safety first. By spending a few minutes reviewing these tips, people can experience a safe and happy holiday...More>>

Why Every Theft Victim Should File a Police Report Immediately
Anyone who has ever been the victim of theft knows the feelings of anger and violation. Most people yearn for a sense of justice after something is stolen from them. In many examples, the stolen property is never recovered. If it is recovered, it may be damaged. In addition to this, the perpetrators are not always found or prosecuted. When a theft occurs, it is important to file a police report immediately. A report must be filed whether the culprit was seen or not. Reports are needed for home insurance companies or credit card companies when filing a theft claim. One of the biggest reasons people are never compensated for losses is because they fail to file a police report. Alternately, they might file a report but may not file enough information to warrant compensation. The best way to be compensated, find the stolen property, and help the thieves get caught is to remember the following tips...More>>