Amity Insurance Newsletter – October 1, 2014

How Home Automation Works and Why it is Beneficial
Home automation is similar to building automation, but it automates household activity instead of business activity. It often includes features such as centralized control of HVAC systems, lighting, appliances, air conditioning and locks on gates or doors. The purpose of home automation is to increase energy efficiency and comfort, and it also makes it easier to keep a home secure...More>>

What Every Dog Owner Should Know about Bites and Insurance
Nearly 70 percent of American households include one or more pets. Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that nearly 4.5 million people suffer from dog bites every year...More>>

Proving Fault after a Car Accident
Determining fault following an auto accident involves deciding who was the negligent or careless party. In most cases, common sense dictates who was at fault. There is usually one person who clearly violated traffic regulations or failed to yield the right of way. If there is official support of a claim to back up a story after an accident, the argument is strengthened for the insurance company...More>>

How to Better Protect Employees who Drive Company Cars
Millions of people drive "company cars"; that is, vehicles that the business owns. These drivers are the business owners themselves, members of their families, as well as their employees. In these situations, the business both owns and insures the vehicles...More>>