Amity Insurance Newsletter — November 30, 2017

How to Avoid Public Wi-Fi Security Risks
Every Wi-Fi connection is vulnerable to an unprecedented security flaw that allows hackers to snoop on Internet traffic and potentially access your personally identifiable information and passwords, researchers revealed recently. More>>

New Gizmo Gives Thieves Entry to Keyless Vehicles
As carmakers modernize their vehicles by employing more and more technology, cars have been getting safer and more difficult to steal...More>>

The Wealth Trap: Underinsuring Liability, Over-insuring Assets
If you are accumulating wealth quickly and live the comfortable life with a large house, luxury car and other expensive assets, you've no doubt already insured all of those belongings... More>>

Multi-Line Discounts May Save You Hundreds of Dollars a Year
Looking to save money on your insurance premiums every month? You should consider taking advantage of multi-line discounts... More>>