Amity Insurance Newsletter — November 18, 2016

12 Fire Prevention & Safety Tips for the Holiday Season
The two most common days for home fires in the United States are Christmas and Christmas Eve. Fire officials encourage all Americans to make safety a top priority during the holidays. One of the most important steps is to ensure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are installed in the home. The main cause of home fires during the winter holiday season is cooking, and heating comes in at second place. Read More>>

Are Gift Cards Covered by Homeowners Insurance?
What do you buy for that special someone when you can't think of anything else? With increasing frequency these days, the answer is a gift card. The National Retail Federation has reported that Americans spend more than $26 billion on gift cards during the holiday shopping season, and the average consumer spends more than $120. More>>

Prevent Drunk Driving Incidents During the Holidays
The holidays are coming - and so are some of the most dangerous days for drivers and pedestrians. The combination of increased alcohol consumption thanks to holiday parties, early darkness and icier weather make the holidays a deadly time for hundreds of people every year. More>>

Top Apps To Help You Avoid Drunk Driving
Drunk driving incidents claim the lives of up to 25,000 Americans per year, according to statistics from the National Transportation Safety Administration. That should be reason enough to do all you can to prevent yourself and your friends and loved ones from getting behind the wheel, while intoxicated.More>>