Amity Insurance Newsletter — November 18, 2015

What Homeowners Need To Know About The Claims Payment Process
When a claims adjuster inspects the damage to a home after an insurance claim is filed, the insurance company will offer a certain amount for the necessary repairs. It is important to remember that the first check form the insurance company is typically an advance payment and not the final check. However, an upfront settlement may be offered in some situations. These fronted amounts are beneficial when homeowners need money to fix major issues right away. If further damages are noted later on, the claim can be reopened for additional funds in most cases. Also, the insurance company typically issues separate checks for home damage and damage to personal belongings in the home...Read More>>

How Homeowners Can Prevent Major Losses From Flood Damage
Although flooding may happen throughout the year, it is most common in the spring when snow melts. Rain is also typical and adds to the risk. One of the most common weather-related causes of death is flooding. In addition to this, floods are the leading weather-related cause of property damage. After Hurricane Sandy, the National Flood Insurance Program paid out well over $6 million in claims. It is important to take these steps to prevent flood damage...More>>

Understanding The Purpose Of Certificates Of Insurance
When stores lease real estate spaces or construction firms win jobs, the party on the other end usually has a very specific set of requirements. One of the main requirements is that the tenant, contractor or borrower must show proof that he or she has adequate insurance. Copies of insurance documents may be sufficient. However, not all companies want copies of documents sitting around. Space is valuable, and most banks do not have enough room to keep such copies of originals for every customer. A very helpful substitute for document copies is a certificate of insurance. This item is simple to create and store. Unfortunately, not all firms and insurance buyers fully understand them...More>>

Using Ride Services to Your Holiday Party Can Save You Thousands
With the widespread availability of ride services, such as Lyft and Uber, there is no reason to drive to your holiday party, especially if you drink. Nowadays, with lower limits on blood alcohol levels than in the past, driving while being above the threshold doesn't take much. The cost of driving under the influence can be well over $10,000, and it can also cost you your career. Worse yet, if you seriously injure or kill someone, you can spend time in jail. It's just not worth it-the cost of a ride or taxi service is a drop in the bucket compared to what an alcohol-related conviction can cost you...More>>