Amity Insurance Newsletter — May 30, 2017

Toilet Failure Is A Leading Cause of Residential and Commercial Water Damage
Leaky plumbing fixtures and burst pipes are common reasons for home and commercial water damage insurance claims every year. Some common issues with toilets can lead to serious water damage, and many plumbing problems are preventable with regular maintenance and a watchful eye. More>>

What Renters Need To Know About Insurance
Since most homeowners are also mortgage holders, they are required to have home insurance. However, most renters are not required to purchase renter's insurance according to the terms of a lease. They face many of the same risks as homeowners. Although renters do not have to pay for the actual structure that is rented, they are responsible for covering their personal belongings that they bring into the structure.More>>

High-tech Safety Features Cost More To Insure
Many people assume that safer cars always mean lower insurance rates. While this used to be true in the days of daytime running lights being a major safety innovation, many of today's advanced safety features do not lower premiums. High-tech features that require apps, computers and other expensive electronics to function are actually more expensive to insure.More>>

Top Habits And Misconceptions That Make The Roads More Dangerous
In recent years, motor vehicle deaths have increased significantly. The National Safety Council pinpointed some of the most common beliefs and behaviors of drivers that put everyone on the road at risk. During the past year, NSC surveys were collected to show the surprising rates of dangerous habits and opinions. More>>