Amity Insurance Newsletter — May 28, 2015

Why it is Important to Have a Solid Retirement Plan
Retirees and workers in the United States have been expressing more confidence in being able to afford retirement despite indications that they are not taking the right steps to reach their goals. This was one of the findings in the 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute...Read More>>

How to Pick the Right Amount of Business Income Insurance
When an organization considers buying property insurance, the focus is often on the building the organization owns or rents and its contents. While it is very important to carry the right kind of insurance on a building and personal property, and an adequate amount of it, there is another coverage that could prove to be more important after a loss. Not having enough of it could be the difference between the business carrying on or closing. That coverage is business income insurance...More>>

Telecommuting is an Essential Part of a Business Continuity Plan
There are several factors that may lead to a temporary business closure. Bad weather, floods, construction and other incidents can leave a business out of operation for days, weeks or even months. One option to prevent business closure and promote continuity is telecommuting. This strategy continues growing in popularity with more businesses relying on virtual operations for many functions. With a good telecommuting strategy, employers and their employees can stay connected and continue virtual operations of the business through an IT network. Although telecommuting should not be the only continuity solution, it is an important option to implement for better business longevity protection...More>>

In-Home Care and Long Term Care Insurance
When most people think of long-term care benefits, they think of adult day care centers, nursing homes and hospice facilities. Each of these is an important component of the system when it comes to providing long-term care to America's elderly or chronically disabled. But if you ask most people whether they'd rather go to a nursing home or receive needed care and support in their own homes, the vast majority would respond that they want to stay home...More>>