Amity Insurance Newsletter — May 18, 2016

The Most Common And The Most Costly Homeowners Insurance Claims
Recent research information from the Travelers Companies, Inc. showed the most expensive and the most common homeowners insurance claims. Their data was based on home insurance claims filed in the United States between 2009 and 2015. Read More>>

Obeying Laws And Staying Safe In A Personal Watercraft
A personal watercraft is about 10 feet in length and although this may seem small, a PWC comes with a large amount of responsibility. This small vessel has the horsepower of a large engine and the acceleration capabilities of a motorcycle. More>>

Is Your Motorcycle Properly Insured?
More than 45 years have passed since Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda expressed the ultimate picture of freedom by riding motorcycles on the open road. While the generation that witnessed those iconic riders may be seeing more silver in their hair, many are still enamored with their motorcycles and use them just as much if not more than they did in the past.More>>

Front Crash Prevention May Soon Become Standard In Large Trucks
If the United States mandates front crash prevention for big trucks, manufacturers could be facing major safety changes in the near future. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved a petition in 2015 that called for making rules to add automatic brakes and forward collision warning on trucks weighing at least 10,000 pounds. More>>