Amity Insurance Newsletter – May 10, 2014

Groundwater Damage – Little Known Facts
Avoid salvaging carpet or pad that has been affected by groundwater. Ground­water is considered a Category 3 by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)...More>>

Do You Need Travel Insurance - or Does Your Existing Policy Cover You?
You are planning to travel and you have options to purchase travel insurance. You may or may not need this coverage, depending on your needs. Many travel-related risks may be covered within policies you already have. Let's look at certain policy types that provide protection while traveling...More>>

Detecting and Combatting Family Medical Leave Act Fraud in the Workplace
The Family and Medical Leave Act was passed with the best of intentions. The 1993 law requires all but very small employers to grant time off to employees to care for sick or injured family members, or to take time off to seek care and recovery for themselves in the event of a medical emergency...More>>

Insurance Agents vs. Payroll Providers - Who Do You Want to Call When Your Business is On The Line?
For many years, insurance agents and brokers have worked side-by-side with payroll service providers, cooperating and combining their separate skill sets for the benefit of their small business clients. In recent years, as competition tightened across the board, we have seen an increasing movement on the part of payroll service providers to offer services and products and solutions that have traditionally fallen under the purview of the insurance agent...More>>