Amity Insurance Newsletter — March 4, 2016

How to Determine Who is at Fault in an Auto Accident
Determining who is legally responsible in an auto accident requires pinpointing who the negligent party is. In most cases, common sense can be used to determine fault. However, most drivers who are victims in accidents do not know exactly which laws are broken by the at-fault party. This makes it more difficult to prove a case to an insurer when making a claim. There are a few places to look for this supportive information.Read More>>

Recent Study Shows Why Buyers Avoid Certain New Vehicles
For the first time during the past 10 years, reliability has been a top priority for car buyers. The increased avoidance of purchasing certain vehicles because of lower reliability ratings was found in a study conducted by J.D. Power.More>>

How Vehicle Values and Claim Awards are Determined
When it comes to determining a car's value for insurance purposes, there are several guidelines to help. Vehicle owners and insurers can use books such as Kelley Blue Book to help determine an accurate value. Insurance companies usually refer policyholders to a claims adjuster when they file claims. In addition to verifying the loss, the adjuster will determine the cost to repair the vehicle. This estimate should be used in comparison with a mechanic's estimate.More>>

10 Questions for Assessing Insurance Needs and Changes
When life circumstances change, insurance needs change with them. This is why agents across the country encourage Americans to review their insurance policies every year to update coverage for such changes. These are 10 important questions to consider when updating coverage.More>>