Amity Insurance Newsletter — March 30, 2018

Your Tax Refund Has Been Stolen, Now What?
If you're reading this, we hope that you've filed your tax return on time this year and that you're going to receive a nice refund check from the IRS. We also hope that you're not one of the growing number of Americans who are being cheated out of their refund checks by fraudsters who specialize in identity theft. Read More>>

How to Take the Ultimate Home Inventory
Would you be able to list everything that was damaged, destroyed or lost in your house or apartment if you had to file a claim with your insurance company? Trying to remember everything as you are dealing with the mental trauma of your abode being destroyed is not an easy task. More>>

Throwing a Party? Cover Your Risk with an Umbrella
Many homeowners enjoy throwing parties for holidays or special events. If you're planning a party in the near future, be sure that your homeowners' coverage is adequate and, if it's not, you should consider a personal umbrella policy. More>>

Have a new Drone? Understand Your Liability Risks
More and more American homes include a new addition: a drone. While these gadgets can be loads of fun to fly, they also come with responsibility and risk of property damage and bodily injury.More>>