Amity Insurance Newsletter — March 28, 2017

Why Affluent People are More Prone to Being Sued
Because affluent people basically have a lot to lose, they make attractive lawsuit targets for attorneys who represent injured parties. This is why it is extremely important for the affluent to consider their insurance very seriously. Nobody wants to lose their entire net worth and future wages because of a very bad incident. More>>

How To Avoid Becoming A Package Theft Victim
People across the country experience package theft every day. Many parcel carriers simply leave packages on doorsteps or in lobbies of apartment buildings, which leave them vulnerable to greedy criminals. The convenience of online shopping has resulted in a spike in this type of theft. More>>

What To Expect For Video Surveillance Trends In 2017
Video surveillance has dramatically changed in the past several years from a business perspective as well as a technological perspective. High-definition cameras have increased commoditization in the market of video hardware but have lowered the profit margins of manufacturers and their partners. More>>

Why People Hire Attorneys For Auto Insurance Claims
In a recent study regarding auto insurance injury claims, about 50 percent of participants who filed claims had to hire attorneys for assistance. The survey was set up as a poll. However, most people did not seek help from an attorney because they had a bad experience with the claims process.More>>