Amity Insurance Newsletter — March 16, 2015

Keep Insurance Updated with Major Life Changes and Purchases
As life circumstances change, it is important to review insurance coverage. There are several issues every policyholder should consider when doing this...Read More>>

How much Umbrella Coverage do I Need?
The minimum amount of coverage for umbrella policies is $1 million. Policies are typically offered in larger amounts, but the amounts umbrella policies come in are always in increments of millions. Companies targeting individuals with a high net worth may offer policies that cover as much as $50 million or more...More>>

Alternate Transportation Options are Reducing the Number of Drunk Driving Crashes
The Superbowl is one of the biggest annual sporting events tied to drunk driving deaths. A recent collaborative study showed that this trend is changeable. The study showed that newer alternative transportation options are a powerful and convenient tool in fighting the number of deaths from drunk driving. Side Car, Uber and other low-cost alternatives to taxis and private cars are becoming more popular. With fares starting at about half the price of a taxi, these companies offer options so affordable that people who plan to go out and drink cannot afford to pass them up...More>>

What Homeowners Need to Know about Replacement Cost and Market Value
Recent research shows that most homeowners do not have sufficient coverage to provide for all of their belongings. According to the survey, more than 65 percent of American homeowners were under-insured by about 20 percent. ...More>>