Amity Insurance Newsletter — June 28, 2017

Protect Your Home and Belongings With a Smart Doorbell
A man walks up to a home's front door and places a cardboard box in front of it. He taps a few keys on his mobile device and leaves. The woman who owns the house watches the whole thing. She brings the package inside quickly. More>>

Where You Live Can Determine How Much You Pay For Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners insurance protects against several causes of loss, but probably the most significant cause is fire. Once started, a fire can quickly destroy a home. A home's chances for surviving depend in large part on the quality of the fire protection services and resources available. The insurance industry has a measurement for fire protection quality - the protection classification.More>>

New Scam Surfaces Amid Medicare's Announcement Of New Cards
Many Medicare recipients have received correspondence stating that they will get a new card. However, this change is not taking place until April in 2018. Scammers are already finding ways to profit from the confusion, which means that Medicare members must be on the alert for new types of fraud. More>>

Storefront Crash Statistics Are Alarming
Vehicles crash into storefronts about 60 times each day across the United States. Such incidents cause about 4,000 major injuries annually, and about 500 people die each year. These findings were reported by the Storefront Safety Council. The organization was launched in 2011 to spread awareness about the dangers of such crashes. More>>