Amity Insurance Newsletter — June 17, 2015

Pet Health Insurance and Top 10 Medical Problems for Cats and Dogs
Pets and humans both require regular medical attention for treatment of ailments and preventative care. Although allergies and minor injuries are not life-threatening problems for pets, they can still be very costly to treat. Policyholders who had Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. coverage spent over $68 million in 2014 on common pet medical issues...Read More>>

What Drivers Need to Know to Find the Best Tires
Anyone shopping for tires should ensure they follow best practices for buying. After deciding it is time to buy tires for a vehicle, the site provides several tips for car owners and their vehicles. They point out that it is important to have this information through the entire service life of the tires...More>>

Distracted Teen Driving is a Bigger Problem than Previously Thought
According to recent research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, distracted driving among teens is a much more serious problem than previously thought. The video analysis they provided showed that distraction was a major element in about 60 percent of moderate and severe crashes. This is four times the estimate provided by numbers based on police reports alone...More>>

Violence in the Workplace: What Employers Can Do
Kim Scott, an intensive care nurse at a Florida hospital, has taken a beating on the job. Mentally ill patients and their family members have hit her, kicked her, pushed her, pulled her hair, and grabbed objects from her. Her experience is not unique. The nurses' union says three-quarters of its members have been assaulted while at work. Some have ended up in the emergency room...More>>