Amity Insurance Newsletter — July 31, 2017

Lightning Damage Claims Increase While Average Losses Decrease
In 2016, the number of home insurance claims following electrical surges and lightning strikes rose from the previous year's numbers. While the total claim toll increased, the average amount paid per claim decreased. This means that the overall severity of such incidents was lower. This finding came from a recent report published by the Insurance Information Institute.More>>

Increased Driver Deaths Connected To Improving Economy
People who crash while driving a late-model vehicle are more likely to die. This finding came from a recent study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The improving economy and more dangerous driving practices contribute to this problem. IIHS researchers said that they do not expect traffic deaths to decrease significantly in the near future since the economy is expected to continue improving and more people are on the road. More>>

How License Plate Number Recognition Technology Works
Automatic number plate recognition or ANPR was first developed in 1976 in the UK. By 1979, there were several prototypes in use. Early systems were used in several places in the UK. The first arrest stemming from ANPR took place in 1981. The technology continued developing but was not widely used until the 1990s. Data collection for future use became more common in the early 2000s. In 2005, ANPR was used to help solve a murder case, and it was used soon after to track down several murder suspects.More>>

Higher Crash Rates Exist In States With Legalized Recreational Marijuana
The Highway Loss Data Institute reported higher collision rates in Washington, Oregon and Colorado since recreational marijuana was legalized. Many drivers admitted to using marijuana, and it is a documented problem more often among people who are in crashes. While researchers have not yet definitively connected marijuana to increased crash rates everywhere, they have performed studies that show how marijuana degrades aspects of driving performance. More>>