Amity Insurance Newsletter – July 16, 2014

Build Your Hurricane Action Plan
From 2003 to 2012, the estimated insured losses from catastrophic hurricanes averaged nearly $14 billion per year. In recent years, as competition tightened across the board, we have seen an increasing movement on the part of payroll service providers to offer services and products and solutions that have traditionally fallen under the purview of the insurance agent...More>>

Can the Loss of a Key Employee Disable a Business?
In today's economy, this is becoming the most important question a small business can ask. And they may need to determine the answer to this question sooner rather than later. "Take away all my factories and my equipment. Take away my wealth…But leave me with my key people and in a short time I'll have it all back again."...More>>

New Ruling From Treasury Dept. Enables 'Longevity Insurance' Annuities
It's the retirement doomsday scenario: outliving your retirement savings. But in this era of prolonged low interest rates, a recent, severe recession that forced millions to cash in part of their retirement savings, reduce or put off contributions altogether, it's a real concern...More>>

Testing Smoke Alarms Saves Lives of Family Members
Since more and more people are using smoke detectors in their homes, the number of deaths and serious injuries from fires has lessened. It is possible to lower the chances of death or injury by using these inexpensive devices in every room. However, it is crucial to ensure they are installed properly and tested frequently to verify they work correctly. Like any other device, smoke alarms can fail over time. Follow these simple steps to make sure they are working properly...More>>