Amity Insurance Newsletter — July 12, 2016

These Exciting Windshield Changes Are On The Horizon
Modern windshields are made with safety in mind. Over the past several decades, they have evolved and improved. They are now made with stronger but lighter materials. Glass is still the main component, and innovations in recent years have made it even stronger. Read More>>

What Every Parent Should Know About Teen Drivers And Car Insurance
If a teen driver does not chip in for insurance, the parents may wind up paying a large amount of money to add the teen to their policy. This is because many insurers consider anyone under the age of 25 a risk. These tips will help minimize the impact of adding a teen driver to an insurance policy.More>>

Take Steps To Protect Your Information From Cyber Criminals
A woman learns about a possible security hole in her internet browser. She does a search to find out more about it and lands on a site that explains the problem and offers a free download to fix it. Wary of downloading a file from an unfamiliar site, she leaves it and goes to the browser publisher's site. She finds the patch, downloads and installs it, and believes she's protected.More>>

The 10 Most Costly Property Damage Catastrophes in U.S. History
Natural disasters, fires, explosions, terrorist incidents - these all cause horrendous loss of life and injuries. They also cause huge amounts of property damage, leaving the property owners to clean up the ruins, try to put their lives and businesses back together, and rebuild. Their insurance companies bear much of the cost. More>>