Amity Insurance Newsletter – January 6, 2015

2015 Tax Tips
The year 2015 brings a number of important changes to personal and small business tax laws and regulations. It's important that you be aware of them in order to minimize your tax bill and keep more of what you earn on an after-tax basis. Here are some of the most common tax moves you can make that may make a difference in your wallet for 2015...Read More>>

Stay Safe from Common Insurance Scams
Nearly all insurance agents and companies are honest and ethical, and they have to be in order to stay in business. However, there are scam artists posing as agents who are able to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Experts in the field of insurance encourage consumers to educate themselves about scams and to know how to identify the signs to better protect themselves and their finances. The following are some common scams...More>>

Think You Don't Need Professional Liability Insurance? Think Again
People often think of professional liability insurance as something only doctors and lawyers need. The truth, though, is that anyone can be sued for making bad decisions. Standard business general liability insurance policies do not cover liability for professional mistakes. They will not cover errors that cost someone else money without causing bodily injury to them or destroying their property...More>>

Research Shows Employers Need to Beef up Employee Benefits Education
When enrollment season approaches each year, employers should remember that their workers need to be informed about what options are available to them, what changes have been made to the benefits offerings, and what their chosen benefits include. Research shows that less than 35 percent of workers who were questioned about their benefits during the previous year said they received good or excellent education about what was offered and what each option included...More>>