Amity Insurance Newsletter — January 26, 2018

Interactive Dashboards, the Newest Source of Distracted Driving Safety experts are raising concerns about the latest evolving distraction in cars: the interactive dashboard. You already know that fiddling with your smartphone while driving is illegal, highly dangerous and can lead to a serious accident or death. These evolving displays, however, can be just as distracting, leading to the same dangers. More>>

Should You Install Electronic Door Locks?
As our lives get more high-tech, one feature of your home may one day go the way of the typewriter: your house key. From fingerprint sensors to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled systems, keyless entry products are rapidly transforming the way Americans secure their homes. More>>

This New Year Resolve to Review Your Insurance
While you may have made some good New Year's resolutions, to make sure that you are not leaving anything to chance you should also revisit your insurance policies. You may have acquired new property, upgraded your home or bought new stuff for your house and, considering the increasing risks of natural catastrophes, you may now have more risk than you're aware of. More>>

What to Do after a Hit-and-Run Accident
Most of the time, if you've been in a collision, the other party stays put so that you can exchange insurance information and wait for police or emergency services if there is a dispute or injury. More>>