Amity Insurance Newsletter — January 26, 2017

Checking Insurance Coverage Before Winter Arrives As winter arrives each year, insurers across the nation encourage Americans to review their home and auto insurance policies to ensure adequate protection against the season's harshest hazards. The easiest way to do this is to contact an agent to discuss provisions and ask questions. Some policies cover more than others depending on what was chosen at the time of the policy's activation. These are some important points to remember about winter hazards: Read More>>

Home Insurance May Not Cover Everything In A Storage Unit
Self-storage units are growing in popularity according to a recent report from Bloomberg. New units and warehouses are being built every month to accommodate the growing demand for paid storage. From simple small garage-like units to large temperature-controlled luxury spaces, there are a wide variety of options. In 2015, about 10 percent of U.S. residents rented a storage unit. However, very few people think about what happens to their belongings if there is a burglary, fire, flood or other catastrophe.More>>

How To Stay Safe While Shopping Online With A Mobile Device
Internet-reliant devices such as smart phones, tablets and now watches should be properly protected. This is especially true during the holidays and other periods of heavy data usage when people shop online. Criminals are always looking for online shoppers to target, and their methods are becoming more sophisticated every year. Be suspicious of emails regarding problems with credit cards. Companies usually call to alert cardholders of suspicious activity. Never click on emails with attachments and urgent offers.More>>

Top Smart Home Technologies For Adults Over 50
Keyless entry, smart smoke detectors, wireless doorbell cameras and other technological safety improvements are gaining popularity among adults who are 50 years of age or older. This was a recent finding based on research from the MIT AgeLab in cooperation with The Hartford.More>>