Amity Insurance Newsletter – January 21, 2015

Seven Tips To Get the Most from Your Business Insurance
One Sunday in May 2011, a massive tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri. With winds surpassing 200 miles per hour, it killed 161 people, injured 1,150 more, destroyed approximately 2,000 buildings, and caused $2.8 billion in property damage. Insurance companies paid $2.2 billion to affected homeowners and businesses...Read More>>

The top 15 states for dog bite claims
In 2015, dog assaults cost the insurance industry $483.7 million last year, according to new data from the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm Insurance Co. The insurer shared the top 15 states for dog bite claims, according to its own history...More>>

Why You May Need Valuable Items Insurance
For possessions that are more valuable, it is important to obtain valuable items coverage. Items such as original art, expensive jewelry and collectors' items are some examples of what this coverage is useful for. Homeowners' policies place limits on the amount of money provided for personal items, but this supplemental form of insurance goes beyond that to cover specific valuables. If they are stolen, destroyed in a fire or lost to a natural disaster, the policy will cover them...More>>

When Does Your Insurance Company Have to Defend You in Court?
Commercial general liability insurance pays for legal damages an organization would otherwise have to pay for injuries or damage to others. These include bodily injuries, property damage, advertising injuries, and personal injuries such as violations of privacy. Another benefit of this insurance, however, can be just as valuable or even more so: Coverage for the cost of legal defense...More>>