Amity Insurance Newsletter – February 20, 2015

What To Expect For The Rest Of The 2015 Winter Months
With winter in full force, the Farmers' Almanac had predicted a very grim outlook for the 2015 winter season. The new edition predicted temperatures below normal for 75 percent of the country, and the coldest temperatures were predicted around the Great Lakes and Northern Plains areas. Experts stated that no region would see above-normal temperatures for very long...Read More>>

Safest Vehicles Named By IIHS For 2015
More than 70 vehicles earned one of the two highest awards from the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) in 2015, but less than 40 vehicles earned awards in 2014. Since the standards for front crash prevention have been steadily heightened for the past three years, experts were especially happy to see this increase. Although the standards for Top Safety Pick+ were raised, the criteria remain the same for Top Safety Pick...More>>

Doing a Rollover? Make Sure You Know the New Rules!
A 'rollover,' in tax terms, is the tax-free transferal of assets from one tax-favored retirement account to another similar account. For example, you may execute a rollover of an old employers' 401(k) plan to a traditional IRA, a SEP plan to a traditional IRA, or a traditional IRA to another traditional IRA...More>>

5 Smart Things You Can Do With Life Insurance Cash Value
If you have accumulated significant cash value within a permanent life insurance policy, congratulations! Your planning and decision to save within a permanent life insurance policy is likely paying off. Thanks to the tremendous tax advantages that Congress has given to provide for incentives for families to protect themselves with life insurance, and to the protection aspect itself, life insurance is a great place to keep money...More>>