Amity Insurance Newsletter — December 20, 2016

Getting your House Ready for Winter
The chill in the air tells you it's time to pull out the heavy clothes and brave the falling temperatures. That chill should also tell you it's time to perform a check of your home to ensure it can withstand the rigors of the upcoming winter. Read More>>

Wrongful Evictions Can Cost Landlords Dearly
Property owners who rent or lease their spaces must be on guard against tenants who do not pay rent or damage the premises. Sometimes it is necessary for them to evict the tenants. However, they must follow proper procedures and have good reason to take such drastic action. Wrongful evictions can cost landlords dearly. More>>

Will You Have to Pay a Judgement in a Serious Auto Accident?
A severe, tragic accident can happen to anyone at anytime, and it could be that person's fault. The financial consequences of being liable for a bad accident can be devastating. More>>

How To Avoid Public Wi-Fi Security Risks
People who use public connections may be compromised by hackers but there are several safeguards available to keep from becoming a victim. The recent availability of free Wi-Fi has been a great benefit for businesses and consumers alike, and there are free connections in almost any hotel, restaurant or coffee shop. More>>