Amity Insurance Newsletter – December 16, 2014

Important Steps to Follow after a Car Accident
In the event an accident occurs on the road, it is important to know what to do. People who already know how to react can help save their own lives, the lives of passengers and the lives of people in other vehicles involved...Read More>>

Research Shows an Upward Shift of Employees Sharing Benefits
With the right amount of effective communication and the right employee benefits, businesses can meet the challenges presented by health care reform, changing demographics and employee budgets...More>>

Drowsy Driving: a More Serious Issue than Americans Think
Recent research shows that more than 20 percent of fatal car accidents are due to fatigued drivers. This finding confirms what experts suspected, which was that drowsy drivers are more commonplace than other statistics suggested before...More>>

Parents Helping their Adult Children May be Hurting their own Retirement
Researchers recently found that about 60 percent of parents in the United States were giving some form of financial support to their adult children, and they say this may undermine parents' readiness for retirement. In research findings, Millennials went through the most serious parts of the economic downturn...More>>