Amity Insurance Newsletter — December 14, 2015

Meeting the Responsibilities for a Safe Workplace
More than 13 workers died from workplace injuries every day in 2014. In addition, there were almost 3 million non-fatal injuries on the job for the year. For many Americans, going to work each day is a dangerous proposition...Read More>>

The IIHS Releases Current List of Safest Vehicles for Teen Drivers
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issues a list every year of their top recommended used vehicles for teen drivers. When parents buy cars for their teens, they typically either buy cars that their kids like or used cars that parents think are practical. However, many of the cars chosen by well-meaning parents are not the safest options for teens. It is especially important to provide these new drivers who are still developing their road skills the best cars for their own safety and for the safety of other motorists on the road...More>>

Holiday Fire and Entertainment Safety Tips for Homeowners
In the winter months, the holiday season is always an eventful and festive time of year. Many people celebrate the holidays with gatherings of friends and family members. As a rule, most people receive more house guests during the winter holidays. Although it is nice to spend time with loved ones, it is important to keep safety in mind. The winter holidays are also the time of year with the most electrical accidents and home fires. The Electrical Safety Foundation International conducts a safety awareness program every year to help people across the country prepare for a safer holiday season. Having an actionable approach that incorporates the most important safety elements is important...More>>

A New Way to Charge for Auto Insurance: The Company Watches you Drive
For decades, insurance companies have considered drivers' histories when they calculated auto insurance premiums. They have based prices on a driver's age, record of accidents and traffic tickets, and how long she's been driving. Factors such as gender, marital status, and school grades have also been important...More>>