Amity Insurance Newsletter – December 1, 2014

What Homeowners Need to Know to Safely Winterize their Homes
When winter months approach, it is time for homeowners to start securing their homes for protection against wind, snow, ice and all other harsh elements. The most common causes of damage to homes during the colder months are hail, rain and wind...Read More>>

Workplace Safety Tips for Working in Cold Temperatures
Depending on how long a person has been exposed to cold temperatures, hypothermia symptoms may vary. The earliest symptoms include fatigue, shivering, confusion and loss of coordination. As hypothermia progresses, it may cause blue skin, dilated pupils, lack of shivering, loss of consciousness, slowed breathing and a lowered pulse. ...More>>

What Employers Need to Know About Hiring and Background Checks
When employers hire new workers, they typically want to gather some information about candidates to help them make educated hiring decisions. With the large amount of companies offering convenient online background checks, the majority of employers have background checks done over the Internet. There are several bits of information employers look for when they perform pre-employment checks. The following paragraphs outline the most common items employers look for...More>>

Helpful Tips for Lowering Heating Costs this Winter
When the fall and winter months approach, many Americans start turning up their thermostats. Heating bills can become very large if homeowners do not take steps to make their heating systems as efficient as possible. The following tips are helpful for lowering heating bills during the winter...More>>