Amity Insurance Newsletter — August 31, 2015

Employers are Required by Law to Keep the Workplace Safe
Small business owners have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment for their employees. This responsibility is crucial to the survival of the business and for optimal revenue. If the workplace is unsafe, employees may suffer injuries or be unable to complete their jobs optimally. For example, a workplace where the the lighting is inadequate may result in employees being unable to see clearly and injure themselves as a result. In addition to this, the poor lighting may make the employee take longer to complete the job. The employee may also suffer from eye strain that leads to eye damage and the need for stronger prescription lenses. This is just one of many examples of adverse workplace conditions that has multiple negative effects...Read More>>

The Scary Truth about Texting and Driving in America
Approximately 500,000 young Americans are injured as a result of distracted driving. The average text takes a person's eyes off the road for several seconds, which is enough time to swerve off the road or hit a car that is braking quickly. When a person is traveling at 55 miles per hour, that is enough time to drive across the length of a football field. Anyone who notices a friend texting while driving should tell that person to put the phone down or stop the vehicle immediately...More>>

Tips for Parents Whose Kids are Entering College
After a child decides what colleges he or she wants to attend, it is time for parents to decide what they can afford. Since schools have varying rates and conditions for tuition, not all students' bills will be the same. Total costs vary based on academic pace, living arrangements and degree programs. A student's financial details are also considered if financial aid may be used. When it comes to preparing for college, parents should compare and discuss room, board and tuition costs as far in advance as possible...More>>

More Employees Sue Restaurants in Wage Disputes
*** The below article was featured in The Wall Street Journal on August 18, 2015 written by Thomas MacMillan.

Marie Sophie Jaafari spent more than five years checking hats and coats for patrons who regularly paid as much as a $75 prix fixe to dine on calf liver with lemon butter or veal kidneys in mustard sauce at Manhattan's Le Perigord...More>>