Amity Insurance Newsletter — August 24, 2016

Protect Your Loved Ones With a Safe Room
The National Weather Service has just announced that a tornado may hit your neighborhood in the next 15 minutes. Or maybe hurricane force winds and rain are pounding your home. Or a stranger has broken in. Where do you and your family go to protect yourselves? Increasingly, American families are choosing to equip their homes with safe rooms. Read More>>

The Effects of Aging on Driving
As people age, their driving habits change. Inconsistent schedules, retirement and new hobbies may affect where and how often they drive. Most older adults have spent many years behind the wheel and they try to drive cautiously as a result. When they are in accidents, they tend to sustain more serious injuries than younger drivers. Their hearing, vision and motor skills start to decline as the years pass, and some health conditions or prescription medications can affect their ability to stay alert while driving.More>>

Tech Support Scams Are On The Rise
For the past several years, scammers have been selling fake security software. They go so far as to set up websites, which they use to market free computer scans. There is usually no scan performed at all but they issue a warning message at the end of the fake scan to convince visitors that their computer has a virus. They then introduce their own software as a solution. In most cases, the software has no security capabilities. Several scam artists who are even more malicious provide malware instead of worthless software. Malware is designed to give the software creator access to the computer, and this is how criminals steal information from unsuspecting consumers.More>>

A Home-Based Business is not covered under Homeowners Insurance
With recent advances in both technology and the internet, even more people are running home-based businesses, full-time or part-time. But will your homeowner's policy cover the risks of a home-based business? In nearly every case, the answer is no.More>>