Amity Insurance Newsletter – August 15, 2014

The Top 15 Auto Insurance Discounts You May Not Know About
There are many extra expenses when it comes to owning a vehicle. Gas prices, maintenance and repair costs can put a major dent in the owner's wallet. In addition to this, insurance is an added expense but a necessary one that is required by law. Auto repair costs and gas costs can be minimized to a point, but they cannot be fully controlled...More>>

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know to Keep Fire Exits Safe
Many people do not know how they would escape their workplaces if an emergency arose. They are often not aware of where the exits are, what to do if doors are locked, where they should try to go first or what to do if some areas are too crowded. There are several important questions to know the answers to when it comes to this type of safety issue...More>>

Retirement Planning - By the Numbers
Do you find yourself concerned with the amount you have saved in your retirement plan? Is it not what you expected? If so, you are in good company. The nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute research report published May 21, 2014 has a lot of data, some showing that balances of Roth IRAs grew at more than double the rate of traditional IRAs among a consistent set of individual retirement account (IRA) owners with the median increase for these consistent owners of Roth IRAs (mid-point, or half above and half below) being 16.6 percent from 2010 to 2012, among other findings...More>>

The 10 Worst Earthquakes In U.S. History
Earthquakes are often the most feared force of nature. Unlike storms that build and are visible in the sky, earthquakes can hit at any time with no warning. People who live along fault lines have to take special care to be prepared, but quakes can happen anywhere. The following are some of the worst historical earthquakes according to magnitude...More>>