Amity Insurance Newsletter — August 11, 2015

Employers: Have You Updated Your Social Media Policy?
If it's been a while since you updated your employee manuals, or you don't have a coherent policy regarding the use of social media, it's time to get serious. Unfettered use of social media accounts by employees could expose the company to embarrassment, loss of credibility, disruption of business relationships and in some cases liability...Read More>>

Mobile Device Security: Prevent Others from Accessing Confidential Information
Americans are relying more and more on mobile devices to store sensitive personal and business information. A number of new applications also involve the storage and transition of personally identifiable medical information between consumers, vendors and health care and insurance providers. The stakes are getting very high - and the technology arms race between service providers and would-be hackers and data thieves is getting intense, indeed...More>>

Protecting Your Home From Water/Leak Damage
Year in and year out, water and leak damage is among the top causes of claims against homeowners' insurance policies, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Nearly 2 percent of homeowners file a water-damage-related claim every year with their homeowners insurance companies, making water damage the 2nd most common claims-generating occurrence in the industry, behind only wind and hail damage...More>>

How Seniors can Stay Safer when Temperatures are Higher
Hot weather comes with several health risks for aging adults and people who have chronic illnesses. It is important for all adults and especially those who are prone to hyperthermia to know how to protect themselves. When the body's natural heat-regulating mechanisms fail, hyperthermia ensues. Some common hyperthermia effects include dizziness, heat cramps, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. The risks only become higher for older adults as temperatures crawl higher on the thermometer...More>>