Amity Insurance Newsletter — April 28, 2017

How To Reduce The Risks Of Devastating Wildfire Damage
In recent years, wildfires have destroyed thousands of miles of land throughout the United States. When these devastating fires happen, home and farm owners can turn to their insurance agents for help. Insurers set up programs to help people cope with the aftermath of wildfires and damage claims. They are also able to answer questions throughout the claims process.More>>

How To Stay Safe From Cyberattacks
The Department of Homeland Security works constantly to battle cyber threats. The agency's National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center is open every day of the week and all year. It combines intelligence from law enforcement and the private sector as well as from federal, state and local government agencies. More>>

Protecting Your Custom or Classic Car From Theft - Combine New and Old Technologies
If you have an extraordinary car, it makes sense to take extraordinary measures to protect it - both by deterring thieves and by actively foiling their attempts at stealing the automobile. That said, most classic and restoration car owners also want to balance deterrence against being discreet and preserving the original condition of the car. More>>

What To Do Before And After An Auto Accident
No person is completely prepared for a car crash whether it is minor or major. However, drivers can be more prepared to handle the claims process afterward by remembering some important information. By taking a few simple preparatory steps, auto owners can prevent costly mistakes or delays that keep them from receiving compensation for damages.More>>