Amity Insurance Newsletter — April 16, 2015

Non-owned Auto Coverage and Why Every Business Policy Should Have It
Even businesses that own fleets of autos sometimes use vehicles that do not belong to them. Often, a business asks an employee to run an errand or visit a customer or vendor using that employee's car. The business may become legally liable for anything an employee acting on the business's behalf does while behind the wheel. Lawsuits and accompanying legal costs may confront the business if he has an accident. Many business automobile insurance policies cover this situation, but they do not do so automatically...Read More>>

Steps to Prevent Falls in the Workplace
Slip-and-fall accidents are the reason many claims are filed against insurance companies every year. They are also the reason many people and especially seniors end up in hospitals with broken bones. There are several ways to minimize the risk of these accidents...More>>

Investigative Steps to take after a Slip-And-Fall Accident
Slip-and-fall accidents may still happen with the best preventative techniques. While it is crucial to take steps to reduce the risk of these accidents, it is also important to know what to do after one happens. The investigation phase is very important. If there is a thorough investigation, it could limit the responsible company's liability, reduce the cost of claims and protect the business from even more losses. Follow these steps to ensure a smoother investigation and claims process...More>>

Preventing Employee Fraud
One of the most serious problems for small businesses today is employee theft. The National Federation of Independent Business says that employees are 15 times more likely than people who are not employees to steal from their employers. The NFIB said that employee theft counts for almost 45 percent of losses at stores. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, more than 30 percent of business failures are because of employee fraud or theft...More>>