How To Avoid Becoming A Package Theft Victim

March 28, 2017

People across the country experience package theft every day. Many parcel carriers simply leave packages on doorsteps or in lobbies of apartment buildings, which leave them vulnerable to greedy criminals. The convenience of online shopping has resulted in a spike in this type of theft. Although package theft is most common during the winter holiday season when people order more gifts, it can happen during any month. Law enforcement officials across the country encourage Americans to protect themselves from package theft by staying alert and taking precautions. 

If a package is not insured, the merchant or shipper may not replace it or reimburse the buyer. Keep in mind that most stolen packages are taken during the daytime. Criminals usually spend some time figuring out when a possible target is at work or away from home. With a few simple measures, people who order packages can keep themselves safer. These are the top suggestions from law enforcement agencies and parcel carriers:

  • If a package will arrive while the home is vacant, have it delivered to a trusted neighbor who can accept it.
  • When there are no trustworthy neighbors, have packages delivered to work if possible.
  • If possible, request a specific time frame for delivery.
  • Ask a delivery person to set packages in out-of-sight places if they must leave them.
  • Ask the shipping company to hold the package for pickup at their facility, and just pick it up to avoid any issues.
  • When placing an order, request a signature delivery option, which ensures that the package will not be left on a doorstep.

If there is a neighborhood watch program, join it. Make package theft prevention a top priority. These programs address many other types of crime prevention. When there is no existing neighborhood watch program, it is possible to form one by contacting local law enforcement. These agencies typically provide resources and suggestions for such programs. If there is any suspicious behavior or someone appears to be taking a package from a neighbor's home, call the police immediately.

Also, be aware of people who sit in cars for long periods of time. If an unfamiliar vehicle is parked and people are just sitting in it, report it to the police. Criminals often case neighborhoods in this manner, and they may even pretend to talk on a phone to divert any suspicion. They usually watch homes carefully though, and this is how they learn when people leave and return. To learn more about how to cover lost and stolen packages, speak with an agent.

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