Alternate Transportation Options are Reducing the Number of Drunk Driving Crashes

March 16, 2015

The Superbowl is one of the biggest annual sporting events tied to drunk driving deaths. A recent collaborative study showed that this trend is changeable. The study showed that newer alternative transportation options are a powerful and convenient tool in fighting the number of deaths from drunk driving. Side Car, Uber and other low-cost alternatives to taxis and private cars are becoming more popular. With fares starting at about half the price of a taxi, these companies offer options so affordable that people who plan to go out and drink cannot afford to pass them up.

The researchers said that in areas where these alternate transportation services existed, accidents due to drunk drivers decreased by more than six percent in California for drivers under the age of 30. This means there are approximately 60 less crashes from drunk driving every month, and that means nearly 2,000 crashes were prevented since the middle of 2012.

This research expands upon another study conducted in 2014, which showed that the appearance of alternate transportation options in Seattle were connected to a reduction of DUI arrests. The new report shows that ride-sharing is positively impacting the United States. In some cities, the demand for these alternate transportation options rises significantly at the same time bars close in those states. Some of the top companies offering these transportation options have been pairing with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to increase awareness of safer options.

Researchers said their study also included a survey about ride-sharing and how it affected drunk driving among friends. Almost 80 percent of the respondents said that their friends were not as likely to drive home after they had drinks if ride-sharing services were available. Nearly 95 percent of people said they would recommend these affordable alternate transportation methods to their friends who were drinking and needed a ride.

With a wide availability of options for safer transportation, there is no excuse for people to drive after they drink. The combined commitment of organizations against drunk driving and alternate transportation companies is proving to be very helpful in making the country a safer place. Experts said that their study showed the power of better transportation options in making smarter and safer choices. To learn more about these transportation options and further efforts, discuss concerns with an agent. Always remember that drinking and driving endangers the driver, any passengers and all other motorists on the road. It is not worth the risk, so always have a safe plan to get home after drinking.

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