The Top 15 Auto Insurance Discounts You May Not Know About

August 15, 2014

There are many extra expenses when it comes to owning a vehicle. Gas prices, maintenance and repair costs can put a major dent in the owner's wallet. In addition to this, insurance is an added expense but a necessary one that is required by law. Auto repair costs and gas costs can be minimized to a point, but they cannot be fully controlled. However, people can control how much they pay for insurance by being responsible and smart drivers. There are several ways to save with auto coverage, so those who have not reviewed their policies in a while may be pleasantly surprised to find there are more ways to save. In recent years, the competitive insurance market has lead to more providers offering various new discounts.

With some companies, discounts may be outlined on the site clearly. However, some insurance companies may not put their information out on the main landing page about discounts, so it is necessary to inquire. Researchers spent time gathering discount information from the country's most popular companies. Some discounts may vary by location due to state regulations or due to geographical issues. There are both common and obscure discounts available depending on the company. What experts recommend is to review a policy annually with a local agent, because agents have access to all of the most current discount information. The following are the top 15 most popular insurance discounts offered throughout the United States, and they are divided into categories based on how many insurers offer them.

Discounts Offered By 100 Percent Of Top Insurers Surveyed
1. Good student discounts are offered to young drivers who maintain good GPAs.

2. Multiple policy discounts, which are discounts for bundling other types of policies such as home insurance or life insurance with auto coverage, are usually available.

Discounts Offered By 90 Percent Of Top Insurers Surveyed
3. Multi-vehicle discounts are available to people who insure more than one automobile.

4. Passive restraint discounts are offered for eligible safety features such as motorized seat belts and airbags.

5. Anti-theft discounts are available if a vehicle has an anti-theft device such as an alarm.

6. Safe driving discounts are offered to people who maintain a good driving record and avoid causing accidents.

Discounts Offered By 80 Percent Of Top Insurers Surveyed
7. Automatic withdrawal payments and paperless billing choices may come with discounts.

8. There are some forms of discounts available when policyholders pay their premium in one lump sum.

9. Low mileage discounts are offered when drivers keep their mileage below a certain point.

10. Distant student discounts are available for younger drivers who are going to school a long distance from home.

11. Defensive driving discounts may be available to people who take approved defensive driving courses and pass. This may be limited to senior drivers in some cases.

Discounts Offered By 70 Percent Of Top Insurers Surveyed
12. There may be an insurance discount if a vehicle has anti-lock brakes.

Discounts Offered By 60 Percent Of Top Insurers Surveyed
13. Loyalty discounts may be available for policyholders who maintain coverage with a provider for a certain length of time.

Discounts Offered By 50 Percent Of Top Insurers Surveyed
14. Early signing discounts may be available if a person switches to a new provider and starts shopping a specific number of days prior to an existing policy ending.

15. Newer vehicle discounts are sometimes offered for vehicles that are under a particular age threshold.

Keep in mind that this is cumulative data, and some discounts may not be offered in certain areas. Some types of discounts such as good student discounts or senior discounts are only offered to specific age groups. There may also be some more rare discounts in some cases such as discounts for getting married or being in the military. To learn what options are available, discuss concerns and individual circumstances with an agent.

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