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Amity Insurance Newsletter – June 1, 2012

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Understanding Insurance Needs for a New Car
New cars bring the need for auto insurance, and liability coverage alone will not be adequate. Although it may satisfy the state's legal minimum requirements, it will not be enough to compensate for most accidents. In most cases, vehicle owners have unpaid loans to think about, so repairs are almost impossible to pay for. Even spare parts are expensive if they are available at all. As soon as a new car leaves the showroom or lot, its value depreciates considerably. For this reason, the majority of vehicle owners feel safer with insurance that covers accidents, theft and natural disasters. Consider the following tips when looking for coverage...More>>

Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacation
Vacation is a time every family, couple or individual looks forward to. However, home invaders can easily ruin vacations. When a person gets a call from the authorities about such an incident, it often cuts the trip short. Leaving a home with broken windows or doors can only invite more trouble, so homeowners usually find themselves on the next flight home. Fortunately, there are several simple steps people can take to reduce the chance of a burglary in a vacant home...More>>

Understanding the Basics of Small Business Liability Insurance
To protect a small business from potential lawsuits, liability insurance is necessary. Policies vary greatly, and they cover different classifications of risks for varying costs. Before shopping for a policy, it is important to know a little more about liability insurance. The following paragraphs provide a quick overview...More>>

Legal Issues when using Social Media for Employment Screening
Most people are finding ways to use social media for their own advantage, so it makes sense that employers would do the same. Many employers use popular social media sites to screen potential candidates. They know that applicants can lie on paper applications and resumes, so using social media sites enables employers to learn more about each individual. Hiring takes time, money and resources. In today's economy, few employers can afford to have a high turnover rate, so they are taking every step necessary to prevent that....More>>