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Amity Insurance Newsletter – June 16, 2012

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How to Keep Family Members & Visitors Safe in the Pool
Many children drown or are injured in residential pools every year. By implementing a good set of safety rules, parents can help keep their kids and visitors safe. Some people may think it sounds rude to lay down a list of rules in front of pool guests, but the cost of a liability lawsuit would be much worse. To avoid sounding like a stickler, simply explain to pool guests that their safety is important. Explain that they can help out by following the safety rules. Parents should review these rules with children frequently. Quiz them on each point to ensure they understand thoroughly. The following tips are helpful for developing a strong set of pool and spa safety rules...More>>

Hurricane Preparation
Hurricanes are destructive and potentially deadly storms that can cause a tremendous amount of property damage and, occasionally, people's lives. Longtime residents of coastal Florida, the Carolinas, Texas, Mississippi,Alabama and Louisiana are familiar with the drill - but there are always new people and always procrastinators every year. Hurricane preparedness takes time! Don't leave it to the last minute. Here are some things to keep in mind...More>>

Builders Risk Insurance: What's Not Covered?
Builders' policies are not totally comprehensive, though. While specific policies vary, the vast majority of construction coverage policies are written based on a regulator-approved standard form. So for the most part, you can expect your policy to cover the buildings and structures on the property, including the systems directly installed thereto. Usually, your standard policy will cover such items as heaters, electrical systems, HVAC systems and boilers. Policies will also usually provide coverage for temporary structures, as well as construction materials that are stored on the premises for use on site. But sometimes property owners and contractors alike are taken by surprise when a policy doesn't cover something...More>>

Are You Vulnerable to a Lawsuit From Your Past? (Claims-Made Vs. Occurrence Liability Policies)
Not all construction liability coverage is created equal. In fact, there are some important things you should know about structuring your insurance coverage to provide maximum protection. Consider...More>>