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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Dec 12, 2013

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Conversion to Electronic Filing for all First Reports of Injury by January 1, 2014
The DIA will require electronic submission of all First Reports of Injury (FRI) beginning January 1, 2014. To that end, all entities required to submit FRIs will have the option of submitting forms via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for batch data submissions, secure file transfer for completed PDF forms (Form 101s filled out and transmitted individually) or by filing the FRI forms individually via the DIA website(www.mass.govdia) using an authorized online account...More>> Still Riddled With Security Problems
More than a month after its launch, the website is still not ready for prime time. True, the ability of consumers to actually log on and register an account has improved substantially as the government added bandwidth. But there are a host of back-end problems still infecting the website - including some very serious security issues - that may make it a better idea to wait before entrusting the site with any kind of sensitive information...More>>

What Consumers Need to Know about Auto Insurance Fraud & Staged Accidents
Experts warn drivers to look out for staged auto collisions while they are on the road. More than half of the fraud referrals in the insurance industry are for auto insurance fraud. These crashes are usually planned by organized crime groups. Perpetrators target vehicles with high values and also those owned by counties or cities. The reason they target such vehicles is because they know these types almost always have insurance coverage. Experts say they have been successful in lowering the fraud rates and have been bringing more perpetrators to justice. This helps prevent millions of dollars from being wasted on auto fraud claims. When drivers are forced into crashing by perpetrators, they may only see minor dents or other damages. However, the crooks will always appear to be injured and make immediate complaints of pain. There are several popular methods they use...More>>

Landlord-Tenant Issues: Two Real-Life Negligence Cases to Learn From
Being a landlord comes with a lot of risks, and mitigating these risks prevents future problems from occurring. Unfortunately, some rental property owners have either learned this lesson the hard way - or continue to believe otherwise until a lawsuit from a tenant hits them hard. Avoid lawsuits from coming your way or, at least, ensure that you have a fighting chance when they do by protecting yourself and your rental property...More>>

Stay Safe on the Roads this Winter
During the winter months, driving conditions can become hazardous as the weather becomes less predictable.  In extreme conditions, it is better to stay off the roads altogether; however, this is not always possible.  There are several essential steps you can take to lessen your risk...More>>