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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Sept 4, 2012

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Aurora Theater Shooting Provokes Liability Policy Reviews
While the awful shooting that killed 14 and injured scores more at the Century 16 Multiplex Theater in Aurora, Colorado caused an immense human toll, it's going to be tough for plaintiffs to collect against the studio or the theater company. The reasons are illuminating, and provide valuable lessons for other venue owners and anyone else who provides access to crowds of people...More>>

Insurance Considerations for Parents with College Kids
In today's world, college students arrive on campus with more than their clothes, notebooks and pencils. They usually come with an arsenal of electronic gadgets. Laptops, smart phones, mp3 players, tablet PCs, printers and other devices are usually in their luggage. In some cases, today's college students may not even live on campus. They may live hundreds of miles from their campuses. However, every college student has more expensive learning supplies than students in the past did. The belongings of college kids living in dorms will usually be covered under a homeowners insurance policy. Full-time students living off campus may also be covered if their primary residence is still their parents' home. Insurers have several other qualification criteria, and they usually place a maximum age limit of 24....More>>

State Minimum Auto Liability Coverage is Inadequate
Sure, you're a responsible driver. But is your state-minimum, bare bones auto insurance coverage really sufficient to cover your risks?...More>>

Your Product is Recalled. Are You Protected?
You've invested tremendous capital in product design, patents, manufacturing, transportation and logistics. You've sunk thousands or even millions into materials and labor, research, marketing and everything else it takes to bring a product to market. You're committed… and the unexpected happens....More>>