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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Sept 26, 2012

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Understanding Carfax and What is Included in a History Report
Carfax is a commercial service offering vehicle history reports to businesses and consumers. The company serves both the United States and Canada. Carfax was founded in Missouri in 1984, and the company is now headquartered in Virginia. One of the original purposes of the company was combating odometer fraud. The latter part of the company's name came from their signature reports, which were sent quickly via fax machines. However, the most popular way to obtain reports today is over the Internet. To this day, Carfax is still a trusted name among consumers and used auto dealers...More>>

Why Hurricane Deductibles are so Important
People who live in coastal states need to consider their hurricane deductibles, which may be found on a homeowners insurance policy. This type of deductible determines how much policyholders must pay upfront before the insurer picks up the rest of the tab. Hurricane deductibles are listed in clear wording on a homeowners policy...More>>

Important Tips for Hiring Reputable and Reliable Subcontractors
There are plenty of advantages with hiring subcontractors. Whether contractors hire them for renovations or new building projects, there are a few important things to know. The most important thing to think about is who the individual is and how he or she will represent the company name. When customers complain, they will likely name the company and not the individual subcontractor. In addition to this, the contractor is responsible for everything the subcontractor does. This is why it is so important to hire individuals who are capable, professional and responsible...More>>

Mind Your Business: Surveillance Cameras and Video Monitoring
Surveillance and video monitoring have become very affordable, easy to implement, and effective. For very little investment, cameras can stream video onto the internet so the owner can monitor and record activities in their business, on site or remotely...More>>