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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Sept 21, 2011

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Why You Should Require Liability Insurance for Those You do Business With
Are the people you do business with insured? You may want to ask them.
If a vendor, contractor, cleaning crew, gardener/arborist, or other service provider does not have insurance, you may be out of luck if they cause property damage or injury. Also, people who do not carry insurance are probably less likely responsible than those who are insured. They may not be the ideal people you would want to hire. It's worth paying a little more to get someone who is insured...More>>

10 Essential Hurricane Claim Tips
Hurricane Irene's destruction has left many people facing extensive property damage. Individuals who must file a claim have several things to do. First, make any emergency repairs that are necessary to prevent further damage. Don't attempt any non-emergency repairs until an insurance adjuster is able to assess the property. Be sure to take clear photos of the damage. Next, contact an individual insurance agent. If the number was lost in the damage, consult the Insurance Information Institute's list of claim phone numbers for various insurance companies. Before contacting an agent, consider the following common questions and valuable claim tips.More>>

Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?
In many cases, vacations can involve thousands of dollars and months of advanced planning, organizing, and saving. So if you're wondering if you need travel insurance, the answer is often yes. Like any other investment of this magnitude, it's important to make sure you have adequate insurance to protect yourself should the tour operation or cruise line you've booked with go bankrupt, you or a family member becomes ill, or some other unforeseen event upsets your vacation plans...More>>

The Importance of Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, the issue of employees' rights continues to be controversial. Employers involved in interstate commerce are prohibited from discriminating against applicants...More>>