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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Sept 1, 2011

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Why Earthquake Insurance Is Important Everywhere
When most people think about earthquakes in the United States, Alaska and California are the first two states they think of. However, Tuesday's earthquake in Virginia shattered this idea. The initial 5.8 magnitude quake was followed by several aftershocks, which were felt as far away as Georgia, Chicago and Toronto. Although there hasn't been extensive physical damage, the feeling of safety many people had was shaken. Many residents of the larger cities on the East Coast relocated there after experiencing tremendous earthquakes in California. One of the most important things that has become apparent from the Virginia earthquake is the need for preparedness and ample insurance coverage...More>>

Five Steps To A Financially Happy Marriage
Most couples will face a number of different problems throughout their marriage, some of which may even end in divorce. In fact, money problems are frequently cited as the number one cause of divorce....More>>

Why Background Checks Are Essential For All Employers
With more jobs becoming available today, there is a major problem presenting itself for employers. Employees who are applying for jobs are lying about important aspects of their lives. In most cases, the truth may be a disqualifying factor. To avoid the hassle of hiring an unfit employee, it's important to conduct a background check...More>>

Protect Your Business When Using Social Media
By the beginning of 2011, the social networking Web site Facebook had more than 600 million users. An estimated 200 million people use micro-blogging service Twitter. The business networking site LinkedIn has reported that it has more than 100 million members. In addition, the Internet hosts millions of blogs and tens of thousands of podcasts. These sites and media, popularly known as "social media," have opened up new ways for people and businesses to communicate with each other. As the numbers show, they have become extremely popular. Consequently, businesses are increasingly using social media to reach current and potential customers...More>>