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Amity Insurance Newsletter – September 1, 2010

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Check Your Homeowner's Policy for Coverage on Your Special Vehicles
Millions of Americans own special vehicles for recreation, personal assistance, property maintenance, and for other purposes. Residents and visitors in snow belt regions use snowmobiles. Golf carts cruise around golf courses and around many residential communities. Individuals with limited mobility use motorized wheelchairs and scooters…more »

Totaled Vehicles and Insurance Payouts – What You Need to Know
Car accidents take their toll physically, mentally, and financially on those involved. Take the time now to learn about how insurance companies determine the value of your vehicle and you will have one less thing to worry about if your vehicle is ever "totaled" in an accident…more »

Lowering Health Care Costs Through Smart Healthcare Decisions
The annual insurance renewal process is a difficult time for employees and employers alike, especially when faced with the rising cost of health care. Employers do their best to make the plans they offer affordable, and employees are often unhappy with the amount they must pay to receive coverage for their families…more »

D&O Insurance: A Necessity for Your Business
For the last several years, stories of wrongdoing and bad judgment by corporate managers have filled the headlines. Enron, Worldcom, and Countrywide are just some of the companies that became household names because of mistakes or criminal acts their leaders committed. These stories became big news because they were exceptional…more »

Did you know?
Most businesses carry commercial general liability insurance to cover the business’s legal liability, however this type of insurance usually does not cover claims against corporate officers for their errors in running the company. It is important to cover not only the business as a whole but also the individuals within the organization with Director and Office liability coverage.

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