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Amity Insurance Newsletter – October 22, 2010

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What coverage limits do you need for homeowners and auto insurance?
Most people avoid thinking about scenarios that would cause an insurance claim – our homes damaged by fire or tornado, someone injured on our property, or family members hurt in an auto accident. However, it is necessary to give some thought to these upsetting possibilities to ensure that you are adequately prepared and protected in the event of a catastrophe…More>>

Beware of Deer When Driving
Before heading out for a week-end trip on beautiful, crisp autumn day, be aware that October, November, and December are the three months with the highest number of deer-vehicle collisions…More>>

Is Your Business in the Right Insurance Class?
Every business owner who has ever received a bill for an insurance premium has wondered how the insurance company came up with the price, especially if the premium has gone up since the last renewal. While the insurance pricing mechanism can seem mysterious, and may involve a certain amount of discretion by underwriters, the starting point is always the same: The underwriter must answer the question, "What type of business is this?"…More>>

2011 Health Plan Cost Trend Projected to Outpace Inflation Again
According to the 2011 Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey, prescription drug cost and medical cost trends are yet again expected to denote a considerable increase over core inflation. "Trend" is a forecast of per capita claims cost that takes factors such as price, utilization, new treatments, government-mandated benefits, and inflation into account…More>>