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Amity Insurance Newsletter – October 21, 2009

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Cover Your Home Office with Necessary Business Insurance

If you run a business from your home, don’t make the error of believing your current homeowner’s insurance policy covers the loss of expensive business equipment. Although many homeowner’s policies offer a small amount of insurance coverage for inventory, there are strict exclusions for liability claims arising from any "for-profit" activities. Continue Reading

Do You Have Insurance When You Use Someone Else’s Car?

Bob is a sales manager for a chemical equipment company. He drives his employer-furnished car thousands of miles each quarter on business. He also drives it on weekend trips, errands around town, and vacations. Focused on his job, he doesn’t give much thought to who will pay if he has a car accident. Continue Reading

Implement Procedures to Help Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

In today’s tough economy where the cost of doing business continues to soar, companies need to take steps to operate as cost-efficiently as possible. Assigning a company’s workers’ compensation costs to a specific department encourages managers and group supervisors to pay close attention to safety and training programs, and to carefully monitor an injured employee’s return to work. As an additional incentive to cut workers’ compensation costs, claims reimbursements can be deducted from a departmental budget, rather than from a general fund. Continue Reading

Reverse Mortgages in Demand – Could One be Right for You?

You may have heard talk about reverse mortgages, but what are they and could one be right for you? A reverse mortgage, also known as a home equity conversion, is a loan against the value of your home. Instead of getting a loan to help you pay for your home, a reverse mortgage pays you based on the value of your home and other factors. Continue Reading