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Amity Insurance Newsletter – Oct 16, 2012

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How Credit History Affects Auto Insurance Premiums
Many factors are involved in determining an auto insurance rate. The age of the insured driver, the vehicle type and the individual's driving history are all key factors. However, there is a more controversial factor used by auto insurance companies, which is individual credit history. It is important for all drivers to consider the following issues...More>>

Understanding the Basics of Product Liability
The area of law that affects merchants, manufacturers and distributors is product liability. Keep in mind that the word product covers a broad spectrum of items. However, it can be summed up as anything that is tangible personal property. Buying a tree from a gardening company would constitute receiving a product, but ordering mowing services would not be considered a product since the mowing services are not something the buyer can receive and retain...More>>

Commercial Vehicle Accident Cases and Prevention
Commercial transportation is a dangerous endeavor. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2010 there were 112,379 non-fatal crashes involving large trucks and 12,763 non-fatal crashes involving buses...More>>

Electronic Delivery of your Insurance Policy
Whether or not you have already received any of your policies via email in recent years, you will see more and more of your insurance documents delivered electronically, in most cases in a PDF file format. As insurance companies update their policy delivery procedures, they are updating their technology so that policies are delivered electronically and most have already implemented this. There are several different methods of electronic delivery and the best news is you are getting your policy faster than ever...More>>